DS3 Day

There’s no doubt about it – when someone says ‘you want a DS3 Cabrio for the weekend?’ there’s a little bit inside you that gets all giddy and excited. I spent the whole day thinking about where I was going to take it, how many friends I could see with the amount of fuel left in the car by it’s previous tenants and ‘how hard will it have to rain before I close the roof’.

Living smack in the middle of the Lake District, I am very well catered for when it comes to perfect places to drive a DS3 cab. It’s road holding makes high speeds along the sweeping A-roads after a day in the office seem like you’re not in a small car at all and, although I was blasting Australian Hip-hop as loud as I could, couldn’t help noticing how lovely and quiet the car was. A seriously quality product. Even the switches, gear stick – everything you touch is remarkably un-Citroenlike.

Ten minutes out of my front door with the roof down and music up, I see a sign ‘Wrynose Pass’. Curious, I take it. Bear in mind, it’s January, it’s the north of England and I’m in a car with low profile tyres, I have no intention of getting to the other side of this pass – and when I see signs warning me of ‘steep inclines’ and width restrictions, I’m even more up for the challenge of seeing how far this little supercar-for-the-masses can get.

Eventually, after twenty minutes and stopping for photos, veiws and music changed a few times, the car finally has enough. I’m over a thousand feet above sea level and probably the only car for miles, but there’s too much snow and not enough grip. Shame, this car is no doubt a trooper.

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