Intro to Iceland 2015 – The Ultimate Week-Long Road Trip

So we’re in the the air and there’s a couple of things worth noting about our current situation. The first is that no matter how much I love and implicitly trust my best friend Frank to do the right thing, I am very reliant on him; not just now but for this whole trip going well.

The second is that no matter how excited I am right now, the fact that I missed a few hours sleep is the overriding emotion. My palms are unnaturally clammy, joint nerves of everything going well when we land and probably being 36,000 feet about the freezing North Atlantic. Even writing this, I’m smearing the screen of my tablet…but enough about my pores and onto the trip.

The lowdown – 6 nights, four seasoned adventurers, one pretty amazing island and and truly great travelling companion…a Subaru. Which one, well, we’ll wait and see when we land, but to be honest I couldn’t care less. I’m a total car geek and I’m facing the idea of driving around one of god’s true masterpieces in one of rallying’s greatest offspring. With three of my best friends.

I couldn’t be any happier about how things are looking, but if there’s one downside to the this whole thing (and so far it seems the only thing which isn’t perfect) it’s people back in England telling me how ‘lucky’ I am to be going away, how ‘fortunate’ and how they wish they could do something like that. Yo, here’s some solid advice. Please go and do it.

Find out where you wanna go:

‘Hey Frank, name some places you wanna go’

‘How about Iceland?’

‘Ok. Reasons to go there. Volcanoes. Mountains. Geezers’

‘Nice roads. Blue Lagoon. Ooo, there’s an eclipse in March’

‘It looks beautiful’

‘It’s close to America. Kind of. Maybe Mariel will come. Ok, reasons not to go to Iceland’



‘Lets go to Iceland’

Book a flight:

Google flights to Iceland.

Find the cheapest

Book it

Find out what you wanna do there:

Google ‘things to do in Iceland’

Print the list

Rent a car

Google ‘Iceland cheap car rental’

Find the fastest car.

Book it

Obviously, all of this costs money but there’s a few ways you can fund your trip. Most people would get a couple of jobs and work your ass off and by making sacrifices such as not going on huge benders after football on a Saturday, spending a fortune on home entertainment and avoiding things like payment plans for sofas. This money stuff can be ‘saved’ and when you have enough, you have the keys to adventure. Plus, find two other friends who make everything cheaper.

Stop making excuses. Go live. The planets getting shredded (mostly by me) and we won’t be able to do it forever. I don’t know many people lying on their death bed wishing they’d never traveled, never took chances and never just gone for it. Don’t make plans. Create opportunities.

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