Ten things we’re excited about

The future can be a scary place, no doubt. But its also the most exciting place too, and the future of Adventure Tourism is the most exciting place…in the world…possibly.

Here’s a few things the guys at TATCo are looking forward to over the next few years.

  1. New locations becoming more accessible – with globalisation being a controversial factor in the development of humanity, there’s no doubt it brings with it greater options for travel. With new roads and infrastructure, education improving and many of the world’s smaller conflicts calming down, we look forward to being able more destinations world wide
  2. Ideas for future proofing – we know the world has some problems, especially regarding climate change – but in 2018 we saw more innovative ideas created than ever before. Global consciousness is changing to a more ethical approach and its heartwarming to see these new ideas becoming a reality- as an organisation, and with your help, we hope to support these revolutionary ideas
  3. Worldwide events – Tokyo 2020 Olympics is in our minds as the biggest event of the next few years, but smaller events throughout the world are making us giddy
  4. Hyperloops – Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson seem to be having a race over who can get there first. Hyperloops are probably the future of transport; fast, safe, efficient; in fact, they’re going to take over, simply put. Imagine an eco friendly way of travelling 1200kph, almost silently. Sounds too good to be true? How many things do we take for granted now which seemed too good to be true twenty or a hundred years ago?
  5. Lab-grown meat – OK, so not strictly adventure tourism, but hear me out. If you like to travel, you probably like to eat the local foods. We know we can’t all keep eating as much meat as we’d like to, so alternatives are needed. If lab grown meat can offer a relief on the current systems for producing meat, maybe Lok Lak and Shabu Shabu has a longer future than without it
  6. The Third-World catching up on safety standards – so many countries are getting there now, but it is still in recent memory of the scores of backpackers losing their life during just one tubing activity in Loas over a period of a year. The global health and safety standards published by the ISO for Adventure Tourism may not be used by all, but some of the generic principles from it, plus online awareness of ho companies operate thanks to review websites, is helping to keep people safe when they’re even more off-the-beaten-path.
  7. Hydrogen Power – It’s already here, powering buses around Tokyo, and will be where you are very soon. Hydrogen is the power of the future and will play a big role in Adventure Tourism in years to come. Imagine an overland bus, totally electric, silent. Get to your camp, plug in the speakers, screen and massage seats (OK, maybe not) and you have a silent, clean cinema in the Sahara Desert, Patagonian Mountains or by the shores of Windermere, England. Imagine taking your hydrogen powered Land Cruiser into the Himalayas and giving power to a pop-up hospital supporting an Everest Trek. These are things which will happen and you saw it here first.
  8. Air BnB Experiences, Tours by Locals etc – Local people becoming tour guides? Surely, that’s putting us professionals out of work? Hmm, not sure. People are wanting to spend their money on experiences rather than things, so there’s more people wanting to be toured around. All this does is offers the Adventure Tourist more authenticity to their trip, an option to leave the commercialised work behind and see what a place is really like. The traveller in us loves this idea
  9. The Bluebird returning to Cumbria – England’s second most famous boast accident, when the legendary Donald Campbell tried to break his own water speed record, left the Bluebird at the bottom of Coniston water…until 2001 when a team of divers resurrected her. Nearly two decades later, she has been rebuilt and is on her way to Coniston where she’ll be on display for all to see. Can’t wait to see this boat and show her off to the world
  10. The growth of Adventure Tourism and the Development of The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd – OK, slightly selfish moment here, but only slightly as TATCo serves a purpose for us all. We’re a young company, but we hope to grow and can only do that with your help. Adventure Tourism is a rapidly expanding sector and we hope to make it as easy for you to enjoy it as much as possible. We put our time and effort into learning about the industry so that when you need help navigating the world of ‘The World’ we’re here for you. We are genuinely excited to help your adventure dreams come true