Tokyo 2020

Are you one of the lucky ones with tickets to one or more of the events? Or simply an event chaser? Whatever it might be, planning to visit Tokyo during the busy Olympic Games can become an overwhelming event. Don’t worry, TATCo has you covered.

There has been speculation about overcrowding and hotels being booked up for the games. Here at TATCo with our insider knowledge and contacts, we have the resources to give you the peace of mind that everything for your trip will be alright, regardless of speculation and rumour.

Did you know Tokyo 2020 will be the first Olympic Games to host Skating, Surfing and Climbing? Probably you did.

Did you know that TATCo’s Chief Architect of Adventure is a keen skater and climber? He’s not competing though, too busy planning your holidays!

Did you know the main Olympic Park is on the same site as the former Olympic park held here sixty years ago?