Half price trips to Japan..?


So you have been thinking about visiting Japan for some time, but there’s one thing in the way – the cost. However, according to the leading Japanese newspaper The Mainichi, in a move hoping to offset some of the financial damage done in the first half of 2020, the Japanese Government may be offering to offset 50% of trips to Japan.

That’s right; there are no details yet and the plan itself isn’t finalised, but it does offer some hope into what has been a devastating few months for the world’s tourism industry.

Japan has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. The biggest event for a generation, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games set to held in the capital in July, has now been postponed until summer 2021. If they get postponed again, they probably won’t happen, so Japan has a careful line to balance – keep Covid-19 cases low to help with Olympic preparations while keeping people in business in the important tourism sector.

This plan hopes to rejuvenate the economy by bringing in foreign tourists who will spend money in all areas and get the economy pumping in all areas. The country has seen a huge surge in popularity with overseas tourists in the last few years with record breaking numbers years after year – last year around 31 million people chose Japan as their destination giving employment to tens of thousands of people throughout the country.

Japan has so much to offer, and actually once you arrive, the costs aren’t so low – largely comparable with costs from your home country. It’s east to get a filling meal for less than $5, a night in a hotel for $40 and a day travel pass to local beauty spots including beach for $15. A two hour all you can drink session can cost less than $20 easily and some of the best things are free – visiting one of the tallest buildings, photographing Shinjuku at night, hiking up the sacred Mount Takao for amazing views of Mount Fuji.

There are no details available yet as to how the scheme will work, if even it will happen at all, but we will keep an eye on the developments and be available for a free consultation about your next big trip – your journey to the land of the rising sun!

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