Long Distance Walks

The Adventure Tourism Company knows what you want from your long distance walk – peace of mind, education and adventure – by no coincidence, our values.

Let TATCo take the hassle out making your long distance walk a reality. We know what you need on your adventure, whether you’re a novice hiker looking to challenge yourself as part of a sponsored event, or a season trekker looking to step things up a notch.

Organising a long distance hike can be hard work – getting accommodation right for each and every night, planning your route, arranging transfers for you and your luggage – there’s so much to do. Why not let TATCo take the stress out of making these arrangements while you wax your boots, check your backpack and get some serious training in. We can even arrange somebody to walk with you literally every step of the way.

Fill in our form below and see how we can help you make your dream into an adventure you’ll never forget.

Our company was actually founded to help an experienced hiker complete a lifelong dream of his which as walking the Coast to Coast.

Phil from Hong Kong, TATCo’s first ever client after completing the Coast to Coast!