Our Philosophy

Adventure – noun – an unusual and exciting or daring experience

Tourism – noun – the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest

The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd, or TATCo, provides an opportunity for a destination to give you an amazing experience – a chance to take a trip away from the holiday resorts and package trips and into the real country. We are modest with our intentions; our aim is simply to facilitate your experience of heading off the beaten track and give you piece of mind whilst living your dream.

We are not a big company; we do not have huge investors to please and are not answerable to anyone other than our clients. We do have technical advisors, however, people who assist us both in the UK and overseas. These highly qualified professionals ensure the legal and technical aspects of any trip are all taken care of. Please ask if you wish to see our operating procedures or risk assessments of any trip before you book and we’ll be happy to provide.

Financially, our company does not set out to make huge profits, just enough to keep going. We pay our local guides and suppliers well and tip them well depending upon how well they cater for our needs. Running an adventure tour is expensive and there are many behind-the-scenes costs such as insurance, administration and technical fees.

Here at the Adventure Tourism Company all of our tours and trips run in a similar way. We focus on our values and beliefs of what we know to make a good trip. These are:

Education – we believe a good education about the places you visit will bring you as much enjoyment as the sights themselves.

Cultural Immersion – you will always have an opportunity to embrace local traditions and values. We like to enjoy local foods, dances and drinks as much as anyone. We will take you local places of worship, offer language lessons and get the locals involved in an appropriate and fun way.

Highest Standards of Safety and Welfare – every trip we run meet British standards of safety and welfare for our clients. Your trip leader will have all the necessary training and qualifications to lead you safely to your destination. This may include first aid, outdoor activity qualifications, formal driving qualifications and/or food hygiene certificates. And we’ll also do our best to find decent toilets – we all love a good loo.

Sense of Adventure – it’s not just in our name! Our trips are adventurous by definition. Some of the places we visit may have literally never seen a tour group before. Some may have seen hundreds. Everywhere in the world is different and you should keep an open mind as to what to expect. Most of the time, we’ll have our own vehicle to escape to, but some of the time we’ll use local public transport – this may be filled with chickens. As a company, we cannot be responsible for crazy chickens on a bus, but our guides will be there too so you’ll have good photos at least.

Ethical Responsibility

Carbon Balancing – we are aware that environmental ethics are high on peoples priorities when choosing a trip. That’s why we offer the chance to make any trip with us carbon neutral. By teaming up with environmental charity Tree-Birth, we are able to create forestry, repopulating the natural woodland of England.

Local Community Support – we believe that local community support is vital to sustainable tourism. Wherever possible, we aim to use local people as our guides, accommodation providers and suppliers. Rather than simply donating money, we feel it best to educate local people on policies such as the importance of education, give them spare medical supplies and provide water filters. We research our destinations fully to ensure that we are not supporting immoral behaviour, illicit trades or violence of any kind. Our destinations are UK Home Office approved and independently vetted.

GDPR and Data Protection – You can view our privacy policy here: https://adventure-tourism.co.uk/privacy-policy-gdpr-compliance/