Terms and Conditions

  1. By purchasing a product from the “The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd” you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated below.
  2. The Terms and Conditions set out in this document apply to all products and services provided by The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd. It is compulsory for all clients, suppliers and stakeholders to read and agree to these terms and conditions before booking a trip or doing business with the company and ensure the persons are aware of any limitations or restrictions regarding the product they are booking.
  3. The company The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd is a UK registered company. We are compliant with UK law regarding tourism and package holidays. We comply with the The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 and you can find a copy of those regulations here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1992/3288/made/data.pdf
  4. While we take every due care to ensure a successful trip, we are bound by incidents our of our control such as weather, third party suppliers, ‘acts of god’ and any other incidents. We will make every effort to resolve any matters as and when required, in accordance to the aforementioned laws. Your travel insurance should cover any of these items; please ask for more information.
  5. When travelling with The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd, the company nor the directors, staff or supplier are not responsible for your safety of person or of personal property. Although every care is taken to keep you safe (correct safety equipment, daily vehicle checks etc) we cannot be held responsible for any accidents or incidents which occur on a trip booked through us. The very nature of Adventure Tourism is often going into the unknown, away from known standards of safety and into potentially dangerous or hazardous situations. As a company we operate to the highest standards reasonable, but please be aware at all times of your surroundings and if you do not feel safe, remove yourself from that situation and find an alternative. If you are being guided by one of our guides, the guide will make every possible and reasonable effort to ensure your safety, but ultimately cannot be help accountable for any personal injury or damage or loss of personal belonging.
  6. The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd operates some group tours, either fully or partially guided – these are subject to a minimum booking number. In the unlikely event that the minimum booking number is not reached and we are unable to run the tour, you will be notified in good time. Should this be the case, we will provide options compliant with the laws stated on the link above.
  7. We insist that the client secures their own travel insurance before travelling with the company. This is to ensure the client has the necessary financial and medical support should an incident occur. We do not require a copy of your insurance, but we are able to assist you in finding a suitable policy before you travel. The insurance should have at least £1,000,000 medical cover, should cover the duration of your whole trip away from your home country and should include everything you need. Not all travel insurance is the same, and more expensive policies aren’t always more comprehensive. Check your policy thoroughly before purchasing.
  8. The Adventure Company reserves the right to outsource any job to a third party provider should we think it is necessary or be suitable with our business needs. Some of our products are already third party such as our outdoor activities. This is to ensure a higher standard and compliance with local laws regarding qualification and insurance. We are both a tour operator and travel agent. Often we will be selling products supplied by other companies, especially on our adventure tours and overseas trips (train tickets, excursions). While we take every care to ensure the quality of these products, ultimately it is out of our control. We are here to assist with any difficulties you have with our suppliers and will take every reasonable measure to ensure a quality service.
  9. Data Protection Policy – it is essential for The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd to hold personal information about you. Some of this information may be sensitive and we appreciate the importance of keeping your data safe. We are compliant with GDPR regulations and will only pass on your information to suppliers, third parties and stakeholders who need this information. This may include financial information or medical information to pass on to activity providers, for example. To see our full policy on GDPR, please see our website.
  10. Refunds & Cancellation Policy – once a product is booked with The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd, we then take steps towards ensuring that product can happen. In the highly unusual event that The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd is responsible for the cancelation of your trip, then we will comply with the laws as stated above. If you have to cancel your trip due to personal circumstances, then please contact your travel insurance company who may be able to assist you claim these expenses.
  11. The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd does not sell flights. This is simply because we do not have the license to sell flights. We can, however, advise you as to which flights to buy and which will be the most appropriate to fit in with our products.
  12. Any payment made to The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd is recorded and you will receive a receipt within 48 hours of making the payment. If you do not receive a receipt for your payment it is your responsibility to contact us to check we have received it. Usually you will receive your receipt within 12 hours, and additionally you are welcome to contact us immediately after payment to check if we have indeed received the payment.
  13. The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd had made every effort to ensure the information on this website and true to our service. However, errors may occur. We will do our utmost to ensure this is not the case but ultimately cannot be held responsible.
  14. Timescales – The Adventure Tourism Company Ltd prides itself on personal and professional service. We aim to complete any task asked of us in the fastest time possible. Sometimes we are held up by waiting for third parties to contact us, and sometimes we may be out on tour and unable to respond to an email quickly. Emergencies should be dealt with by the local authorities by calling 112 from any phone anywhere in the world. Your insurance company should be the next phone call. Any message left with us will be picked up the following business day and dealt with at the appropriate time.
  15. Pricing – the price advertised for a particular tour or trip may fluctuate slightly before the departure date. You will be informed of this. Reasons for this can include a chance in exchange rates, changes in fees and taxes imposed on trip related items, change in fuel price. If this is the case, you will be informed of the increase and be shown a breakdown of how it has been calculated. If the price increases by more than 8% you have the legal right to cancel your booking. More details can be found in the laws following the link stated above. It is also possible the trip may go down in price for any of the same reasons.

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