Proposed Japan Itineraries

Let us show you what we think…

With so many options of what to do in Japan, allow us to suggest some trips which may include some of what you like…

These are just outlined os what you might want your trip to Japan to look like. Feel free to read them all and take ideas, or chose the one you want. Each trip with TATCo is tailor-made just for you so whatever you want will be there. These, however, offer a good blend of time management and adventure with cost taken into account.

City Slicking

Set your sights on the biggest and the best of Japan’s mind-blowing cities with this tour, taking in the highest points, cultural highlights and hidden gems of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Olympic Highlights

Learn more than just about the Olympics with this tour. Visiting the location venues for the now infamous Tokyo 2020 games, including the main venues in the city plus a few days at the sailing and surfing venues for some seaside vibes.

Culture and Cuisine

Take a more sophisticated approach to traveling Japan by learning the stories behind the temples we’ll visit, take part in some mouthwatering food tours and visit the finest temples in Japan.

I’m Here for the Food

Japan probably has the best food in the world, backed up my Tokyo’s 226 Michelin stars. A combination of availability of fresh produce, culturally embedded attention to detail and famously fastidious standards has created a reputation which Japan lives up to.

Legendary Trails

You probably knew that Japan has some of the best hiking in the world. We’re here to help you with the logistics of such a trip, helping with planning your hike, transport, local knowledge and equipment.

James May’s Footsteps

Inspired by James May’s travels in the recent Amazon documentary? Us too. Visit some of the places he went to on his tour, starting in the North of Japan and traveling south. We can even arrange a Land Cruiser!

A Hedonists Dream

No priorities here other than having the best time possible in Japan. Hit the big attractions, no busy schedule, no early starts. A bit of what you love and a lot of chilling out.

The Life of Riley

Want a luxurious trip to Japan? Fully escorted with a knowledgeable English and Japanese speaker and transported in a spacious luxurious vehicle with perfect accommodation and an itinerary to suit your personal desires.

Not all those who wander are lost.