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Japan – the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Japan is an incredible country and we can help you visit by creating bespoke tours. We listen to what you’d like to gain from your holiday and create the perfect itinerary.

Japan may seem like an overwheling place at first – the language, the food, the crazy 90’s technology. But it’s also the safest, the public transport is amazing and it’s truly a food loverrs paradise – once you know where to go. English is prevalent, yet knowing a few Japanewse words will help you impress locals and make you feel more comfortable.

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We will arrange your schedule, book all of the accomomdation, arrange transport and of course provide you will all of the information you’ll need to have the perfect trip.

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You’ll know Japan for its technology – its forward thinking engineering; images of Tokyo covered in lights and bullet trains give the impression of somewhere from the twenty-fifth century. But there so much more to this country than high-tech trickery. It is a country which holds on to its traditions more than many other developed nations and this mix of old and new is something we look forward to teaching you about.

We use slick Japanese public transport for our most of tours allowing you the most relaxing and comfortable way of seeing the areas. Japan is known for having the most efficient public transport system in the world, so we ensure you can make the most of it with helpful guides and knowledge along the way.

Tell me more about Japan

One of the most traditional countries in the world, holding onto its culture with strict intensity, Japan has something to offer literally everyone.

  • Do you eat food? This country may have the finest food…in the world – from Sashimi, raw fish caught that morning and fed to you on a bed of rice with a pinch of wasabi, to Wagyu Beef – more marbled than a Cheshire kitchen and considered by many to the best anywhere.
  • If you like your sightseeing, catch a glimpse of Fuji San; towering over a whole section of the country, the iconic shape of this dormant volcano stirs the soul and reminds you the force, and magnificence of nature.
  • Are cities your thing? Japan is the ultimate city hopping country. Connected by the incredible Shinkansen or Bullet Train, travel intercity faster and in more comfort than you ever thought possible.
  • Nature lover? Japan is the place. Being a volcanic country, Japan has more mountains than you can shake a really big stick at. Natural hot springs, 
  • Adventure junkie? Check out the world class ski resorts of Hokkaido and Hakuba for your chance to check out the legendary Ja-Pow.

What trips to we offer to Japan?

We have a range of trips to suit your travel requirements. Due to each tour being specific depending on the time of year, number of guests and specific requirements, in order to offer you the best price we don’t advertise our prices. Instead, you tell us some information and we’ll email you back within 48 hours.