Ten Things TATCo Loves About Taghazout

Taghazout is one of Africa’s great surf towns, cleverly disguised as a small Moroccan fishing village. With perfect break beaches all around it, low prices and easy access from the UK, this Arabian paradise is more accessible than you think.

Here is TATCo’s ten favourite things about Taghazout:

Surfing – whether a beginner, pro, enthusiastic spectator tor somebody who simply digs the vibe, Taghazout offers everything you need. With some superb surf schools offering lessons from as little as £30 with everything included, you can be sure to fill any void missing from your life

Beaches – So if surfing isn’t your thing, but you love the ocean, check out the miles of stunning beach in the area. Never too busy thanks to the scale, and sitting on the Atlantic Coast, Taghazout’s fine sanded, fine looking beaches are just what you need

The Bakery – Ok, so we have bakeries in England. And France. And Japan. And…yea, everywhere. But how many of them can you get a fresh, still hot Pain au Chocolat for 18 pence. EIGHTEEN PENCE. Other things were available (savoury and sweet) and all of them look stunning and were extremely cheap, but what’s the point when you can get a freshly baked, still hot Pain au Chocolat for 18p?

Shopping – Taghazout doesn’t have any shopping malls. I doesn’t even have a supermarket. But it does have authentic stalls and shops offering everything from hand-painted, individually crafted pottery to soft towelled hoodies for after your surf. Grab some bargains to decorate your home!

Sunset – Just as before, everywhere has sunsets. But until you’ve watched the sunset over the Atlantic ocean as the waves roll in, you’ve not seen them all. Watch as the surfers become silhouettes, as the water becomes golden, the sky deepens. Every night, the whole village heads to the waterfront to watch the sunset, almost autonomously, as you all share in this truly special moment.

Walks – A short stroll along the waterfront is inevitable in Taghazout, but if you have itchy legs, there’s a few extra places you can see. Head North to La Source for an orange juice and enjoy the view. A modern, French owned hotel complex, it has a terrace where you’ll be able to enjoy an hour of tranquility in either shade or sun before heading back down to town. Head South to Tamraght, a few km further, and visit the next surf town. Or take a trip out…

Paradise Valley – An hour by Grand Taxi and a lovely stroll, Paradise Valley is almost that. The river gives the area lush vegetation, waterfalls create plunge pools for swimming and cooling off from the desert warmth.

Surf Waves Morocco – not the only place to stay in town, but probably the best. Welcoming, relaxing and right in town, SWM has a chilled, surfy vibe, nice and physically cool communal area, decently equipped kitchen and a powerful shower for blasting off the sand and salt after a few hours on the beach. Tagine lessons on request, tea flowing like a fountain and beautifully decorated rooms make this hostel very close to perfect.

Le Spot – Ok, so many Le Spot isn’t the most authentic dining experience in Morocco, but it’s one of the most enjoyable. In the centre of town, and on the second floor as to overlook the main street, with a huge menu in English and efficient service, Le Spot is more than just a place to eat. With stunning food, this restaurant is a refreshing treat. They may even have WiFi…

The Square – Into people watching? Sit in Taghazout’s central square for hours watching the taxis, buses, surf camps, tourists, locals, everyone in between do their thing. Auth the authenticity of Marrakesh with none of the cringe, Taghazout is a great place to capture the culture of Morocco.

Taghazout is the destination for our Coastal Comforts trip. See all of these sights and more by booking onto our guided holiday here in Morocco’s Surf Capital!

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