Road-trippin’ from Tokyo – Japan’s Longest Roller-Slide, Tabayama

Visiting Japan and fancy hitting the road for a few days? Or are you living in Tokyo and want a petrol powered escape? TATCo has a few recommendations…

Let’s start with Tabayama and it’s amazing Roller Slide!

Journey time: 2hrs 10 mins (with tolls) 3 hrs (without tolls), approx 100km
Attractions: The longest roller-slide in Japan! Onsen village. Stunning scenery.

Notes: On the Eastern edges of Yamanashi Prefecture, Tabayama is a great place to start journeying outside of Tokyo.

Tabayama is a great place to spend a sunny Sunday. Escape Tokyo with an easy drive and so much adventure with lots of travel guides in the area printed in English.

The roads there, although twisty, are never narrow and offer tremendous views of mountains and lakes through the majority of the journey – the bridges and tunnels being awe-inspiring. Get up early and enjoy the other smaller attractions on the area, supporting the local economy which relies heavily on tourism. And take a decent camera.

The roller-slide is suitable to kids and adults and offers a 200m run through a gorgeous natural forest. It has seen better days, but so has most of Japan, right? Make sure to have a decent breakfast to fuel yourself for the many walks-back-up-to-the-top!

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