The Recovery of Tourism

It has been a whole since a blog post was written, and you can probably figure out why. Updating an inbound tourism travel website was not the first priority for two young people during a crisis time when the borders to our country were closed for tourism. They still are, but we are at least trying to remain positive.

In the last few months, Mayumi and I have been trying to stay very busy. I, Matthew, took a full time job as an English teacher, something I had some experience in before. I found a daycare centre north of Tokyo looking to hire a native teacher and have been putting all of my professional efforts into that, rewardingly I should add. Mayumi has been to school, studying tourism, of all the things, to complete her training for the official certificate of Japanese tour guide management, a very prestigious qualification.

We are looking to the future and how we can help people plan their journeys when the borders reopen and people are able to visit once again. For now, we have many posts to update and writing to do about the paces we have lucky to visit in the last six months, from RVing through National Parks to finding the most northern point of Japan’s main island, and much much more.

Our commitment to adventure tourism as a way to bring an income for us in the future is in doubt, not because we “lack faith”, but because we are realists and simply don’t know what might happen, particularly in Japan with a major governmental change currently taking place, amongst other things. CoronaVirus is not leaving us. It will be here forever just like the flu, climate change and members of The Rolling Stones, and different countries have different priorities to us on how this is managed.

Please enjoy the next few blogs. Forgive me if they are more personal than the professional image I like to maintain; this company is certainly more of a hedonist escape now than our core business and wish to enjoy it more than we could.

Take care in the world and these strange times.

Matthew & Mayumi Pointon,
Architects of Adventure, TATCo

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