TATCo’s Top Five Japan YouTubers

Are you ting itchy feet? Wishing you were here because your trip was cancelled or even remembering a time you were here? The days will come again when international travel will be allowed. Until them, live vicariously through these videos, free to watch, informative and entertaining.

1) Abroad in Japan – Chris Broad has been making videos in Japan for six years now, starting out as a vlog for family and friends about his new life in Japan, the channel exploded and has nearly two million subscribers. The videos are witty, well produced and full of useful content which may help you get your head around Japan. His first Journey Across Japan series is not to be missed – a truly epic cycling adventure.

Matthew and Chris Broad, Tokyo 2019

2) Paolo from Tokyo – Paolo is, ironically, in fact not from Tokyo originally, but he does live here now. Very informative and well put together, they make for easy viewing, particularly his “Day in the life” series. Lacking Chris’ sense of humour but making up ground with more detail about Tokyo, Paolo is one to watch to build knowledge and learn some interesting stories from real people living here.

3) CurrentlyHannah – Hannah is an Australian girl living in Japan for a number of years. What we particularly like about Hannah’s videos is the production quality; owning a drone and putting together 4k videos of her adventures. She’s smart, funny and knows what people are looking for when mindlessly trawling YouTube.

4) Only in Japan – there’s a couple of channels in the Only in Japan family on Youtube, but I promise they’re all worth having a look through. Well produced, high quality content for anybody with an interest in Japan, and presented, mostly, by the very experienced and charismatic John Daub. The title doesn’t focus on the negativity surrounding things only found here, but rather the excitement that only Japan can create.

5) Jun’s Kitchen – Rachael and Jun are a Japanese/US couple living in rural Japan who make videos about travel, cooking and cats. In fact, their cats have become so popular, they’re the real stars of the show. Jun’s cooking is incredible, not just for the variety, but also the simplicity – it really does make you want to copy his ideas.

There are many other Japan Youtubers to check out too – Sharla in Japan, Tokyo Lens and The Anime Man to name a couple. Have a click through, get some ideas and leave them a like and a comment to say thanks.

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