In Search of Cape Uma – Honshu’s northern edge – Picture Blog

It’s such a cliche to say “it doesn’t feel like Japan”. But honestly, does this look like Japan to you?

We were up at sunrise to visit the morning markets of Hachinohe. Our plan was to drive as far north as we could, follow the coast for a few hours, drive back to Aomori, eat a special Ramen dish then take the Shinkansen home to Tokyo. This would be an epic day.

This as our route plan for the day.

We left the morning markets before seven am after having our fill and enjoying the atmosphere. We set of driving, heading for our first destination Shiriyazaki (Ass Roof) Lighthouse. The drive there was spectacular – wild countryside and coastline for miles and miles, with barely any traffic. The temperature in mid-August was a perfect 25 degrees yet there was very few visitors to the area, possibly due to it being Covid times, and also the lack of awareness of the area.

We made it!
The most northern person in Kyushu.
They’re very proud of their tuna fishing here
The reason we came all this way. The freshest tuna sashimi around. Absolutely incredible.
Cheeky monkey on the drive through the mountains. The roads were incredible – and empty, apart from motorcycle enthusiasts and the very occasional local.
The viewpoint of the rock formations we had travelled so far to visit.
This buttery, curry ramen is well known in Aomori, despite its origins being rooted in Hokkaido. Absolutely incredible after twelve hours in the car.

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